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Services Offered by Baltimore Hydraulics

Items brought to our facility are repaired to new condition in several Component Repair departments. These repairs include Cylinders, Pumps, Motors, and Controls, as well as equipment such as Winches, Hydraulic Power Units, Presses, & Tools. All repairs are 100% tested before their return and we offer free pickup and delivery.

A fully equipped Machine & Weld Shop supplies parts for our own use, as well as directly for our customers. These fabrication capabilities allow design and building of custom Hydraulic Power Units, Cylinders, and Equipment to fill customer’s needs.

Our Truck Shop offers troubleshooting and repair services to all vehicle mounted hydraulic equipment. This department also performs ANSI inspections and dielectric testing either in our facility or in the field.
When you require a specialist on site, our Field Service Dept. will dispatch technicians to troubleshoot & repair your equipment at your location. These services are offered and utilized throughout the United States and include 24-7 emergency service.

Our Parts Department provides direct sales and distribution of parts, new components, hose assemblies, and more.


Baltimore Hydraulics offers Pickup & Delivery services for all your hydraulic components. If your system is down and you have the capability of removing the defective component, bring it to us and have it brought back to fully operational condition. All repairs are 100% tested and guaranteed.


Baltimore Hydraulics, will design and fabricate hydraulic power units for your needs. Whether you need us to design a HPU from scratch, or replace an existing HPU. Let us know what you are looking for and our service department can help you out.


The Baltimore Hydraulics Truck Shop provides expert troubleshooting and quality repair, of truck mounted hydraulic systems. This department occupies about 20,000 sq. ft. of our facility and provides maintenance, complete system overhauls, dielectric testing, as well as preventive and ANSI inspections.


Baltimore Hydraulics provides on site emergency services 24-7 for all of your hydraulic needs. If it can’t be brought to us, we’ll come to you. This department is equipped to perform troubleshooting and repairs, as well as major system overhauls, modifications, & installations. We’ve spent years developing an expertise that is unmatched in our industry and is available to you with just a phone call.


Baltimore Hydraulics, has a full service machine shop for all your fabrication needs. Turning, Milling, Threading, Grinding, let us know what you need done. We can duplicate a part you have, or fabricate it from a drawing.


In addition to providing world class repair services, Baltimore Hydraulics also sells and distributes several types of hydraulic components and equipment. In our day to day operation repairing hundreds of equipment brands we have established relationships all over the world for material sourcing.