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Marine Market Offerings

A boat becomes a ship when it can carry another boat. A ship is pretty much a hydraulic system that floats. Anchor Windless, Deck Winches, Cranes, Davits, Steering, Bow Thrusters, Ballast Valve Actuators, Watertight Doors, Ramping Systems, Hatch Covers, Turbine, and Start Systems are among the many hydraulic systems on a ship. If ever there was a need for a deep understanding of hydraulics, it’s in Marine Hydraulics!

Baltimore Hydraulics Inc. provides four major areas of support to our marine customers:

Spare Component Rebuilds

In most cases, spares for major components and machinery are warehoused on shore and shipped to a vessel in need. These are things like complete winches or windlasses. Other smaller components such as pumps, motors, or control valves are kept onboard. In either case, when the spare is installed, the defective piece is shipped to our facility for overhaul, testing, and crating. The overhauled unit is now the spare and is returned to its vessel or warehouse. In some cases, these spares are stored in our warehouse in Baltimore and shipped directly to vessels in need.

Emergency Component Rebuilds

When no spare is available, you still need your component repaired. Baltimore Hydraulics’ services are available 24-7 and we do what it takes to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

On Vessel Service

Sometimes it’s not as easy as a component rebuild and requires a technician to attend the vessel for troubleshooting and repair. Our Field Service Department is equipped to address these conditions locally, nationally, and abroad. Our expertise is recognized and utilized around the world and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

System Modification and Upgrades

As fleets age, systems become obsolete – new parts and components become harder or impossible to get. BHI will select the right replacement and our in house machine shop will perform all modifications necessary to make it fit your application.