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Government Offerings

A Government Agency is a unique customer. It has needs that span all markets and although it insists on the highest quality, it is often forced to base its decisions heavily on price. This creates a genuine need for what we define as value. To determine the value in anything you need an expert and Baltimore Hydraulics prides itself in its expertise and uses its 55 plus years of experience to provide the most value for the money being spent.

Every aspect of our operation has been called upon to provide service to Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies. From consulting services to design and fabrication, our years of experience is widely utilized for the maintenance, repair, improvement, and development of many hydraulic systems and components being used today.

Our Offerings To Government Agencies:

Component Repair

  • Cylinders – Pumps – Motors – Winches – Controls & Valves

Land Based Operations

  • Military Bases – Testing Facilities – PX & Commissary
  • Road, Bridge, & Highway Maintenance Equipment
  • Waste Water Pumping and treatment stations – Soil Sampling Equipment
  • Cranes & Derricks – Man Lifts – Forklifts

Waterway Maintenance Operations

  • Dams, Locks, & Gates

Seagoing Operations

  • Fireboats, Tugboats, Dredges, Barges
  • Deck Machinery – Winches – Windless – Davits – Cranes
  • Systems – Hatch Cover – Steering – Thrusters – Watertight Doors
  • Engine Start Systems