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Markets Served by Baltimore Hydraulics

Industrial Market: Our services are widely used in Manufacturing Facilities, Quarry and Milling Operations, Recycling Plants, Incinerators, Marine Terminals, and other land based facilities that use hydraulic systems in their operations.

Marine Market: Most operations on a ship are being performed by a hydraulic system. Deck Machinery, Hatch Covers, Cranes, Steering and Ballast systems are only a few examples.

Government: BHI is currently being utilized by a wide range of Local, State and Federal Agencies. Our expertise has made us a trusted source for service to Dams, Locks, Target Systems, Test Chambers, Pumping Stations, and Sea Going Vessels.

Commercial / Retail: Originally focused on Bailers & Compactors, we soon expanded to Sign, Roofing, and Building Supply companies as well as personnel Lifts, Conveyors, Dock Lifts, Fork Lifts, Railroad Equipment & Utility Maintenance vehicles.

Construction: You can’t build anything without the use of hydraulics. Moving dirt, lifting material, shoring trenches, boring tunnels, drilling wells, mixing and pumping concrete are just a few examples.


Although smoke stacks have all but disappeared from Maryland’s skyline, there are countless hydraulic systems found in manufacturing, distribution, recycling, and waste disposal systems in and around Baltimore and Washington DC.


Sometimes, a whole jobsite may be shut down due to the breakdown of a piece of equipment. BHI has the ability to offer expedited service to get your jobsite back up and running.


A boat becomes a ship when it can carry another boat. A ship is pretty much a hydraulic system that floats. If ever there was a need for a deep understanding of hydraulics, it’s in Marine Hydraulics!


Every aspect of our operation has been called upon to provide service to Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies. From consulting services to design and fabrication, our years of experience is widely utilized for the maintenance, repair, improvement, and development of many hydraulic systems and components being used today.


Baltimore Hydraulics offers products and services to users of compactors, bailers, dock lifts and many other types of commercial equipment. Including a full range of service on Compactors, Bailers, Forklifts & Cleaning Equipment.